The Benefits of Investing “Inefficiently”

I had an excellent discussion with Craig Martin, partner in fee-only financial advising firm Family Wealth Consulting Group. We were talking about our mutual interest in alternative investing and how it has the potential to decrease volatility and increase returns for individual investors. During our conversation, Craig passed along a bit of wisdom that he had picked up from legendary money … [Read more...]

Invest Like the Big Boys and Take Control of your Investment Portfolio

Reflections on Russell Investments' 2012 Global Survey on Alternative Investments Russell Investments recently published their latest Global Survey on Alternative Investments, and it's packed with interesting data and insights into the use of alternative investments for diversification and growth. This survey went out to 146 institutional investment managers representing over $1.1T (that's … [Read more...]

Five Reasons Why Stocks Can be BAD for Your Portfolio

Let’s start off by saying that we don’t actually believe that no one should invest in stocks. Done correctly, stock investing can be a great way to build wealth. However – most people aren’t aware of some key facts and potential pitfalls. Here they are… 1) The stock market hasn’t delivered great returns over the last ten years. In fact, the S&P 500 has delivered less than 3% on an … [Read more...]

Are My Investments Really, Truly Diversified?

It used to be that investment diversification was a pretty simple exercise. Choose a mix of stocks and bonds - or better yet, stock and bond mutual funds, and then slowly shift the mix towards bonds as you get older. However, the world has changed and many financial planners would agree that this outdated definition of diversification should be thrown out the window. Here are five of the most … [Read more...]

Create Your Own Pension Plan?

In my grandfather’s generation, most middle class Americans with good jobs could count on working for a single company for thirty or forty years and then retiring at the end with nice little pensions. Those who had managed their money well and paid off their mortgages could often count on their pensions to provide a reasonably comfortable existence for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately for … [Read more...]


We Can Show You Three Easy Approaches – and None Involve REITs Investing in real estate the “traditional way” can be difficult and time-consuming.  You have to find the properties with real potential, figure out a way to put together the money to finance them, negotiate good purchase prices, keep them well-maintained, find renters and handle the on-going relationships with them.  If you are … [Read more...]

Did You Know Your 401K May Have Hidden Fees?

Most expert advice on financial planning for retirement includes a discussion of 401K plans. After all, your 401K plan is perhaps your largest financial asset. It's supposed to provide you with income for life – allowing you to be able to retire comfortably. In some cases, it might even help you enjoy the dream of early retirement. And, if your employer doesn't offer a pension plan (and fewer and … [Read more...]

The High Cost of Waiting

If you are about to make a big financial change, it's okay to take the time you need to get comfortable with your decision. Collect information. Educate yourself. Talk to other people who have experience with similar types of investments. Learn everything you can in a reasonable amount of time - and then make your decision. And once you do, it's important to act – even in a small way. Action … [Read more...]

Unlock the Wealth Potential of Your IRA and Old 401Ks

According to a report published by the Employee Benefit Research Institute, Americans hold nearly nine trillion dollars in various forms of retirement accounts – including IRAs and 401Ks. However, the sad truth is that the majority of those assets will never generate the kinds of returns necessary to provide a comfortable retirement for their owners. The reasons for that fact are numerous. … [Read more...]