Fund Overview


Why Investing With Us Just Might Be the Right Choice

We decided that there just had to be a better way for people to invest, and so we created the kind of fund we would want to invest in ourselves (and have!), reflecting a style of investing that we know to be successful from our own experience.

We Created the Fund Because…

  • Everyone deserves a good investment opportunity, and…
  • We want you to have a more secure retirement, but…
  • Traditional investment options just aren’t doing the job for most people, and…
  • It drives us crazy that some investment advisors put their own interests ahead of their client’s interests

Benefits the Fund Can Give You

  • It features an 8% preferred return annually, and gives upside potential for
    low- to mid-double digit net annual returns
  • Our investments are secured by real estate, unlike most stocks or bonds
  • If your portfolio is heavily concentrated in any one area, our fund can be a great way to diversify and actually reduce your total risk
  • Real estate lending tends to produce steady returns, rather than the wild swings you might have personally experienced in the stock market
  • The two managers have nearly 50 years of combined real estate investing experience

Other Things You Should Know

  • We don’t take any management fees for just holding on to your money – we only take our share of the interest and appreciation after our investors have been paid
  • The minimum investment amount is $25,000
  • You have the option of investing cash or funds from your self-directed IRA
    (this isn’t hard to do – just ask us how)
  • We do ask for a minimum one year investment, so that we can maximize your returns
  • There are some income, net worth, and residency requirements, to find out more just click on the link listed in the section below

The Next Step is Quick and Easy!

Simply click on the following link: and answer a few questions.  It takes just a minute and gives us the information we need to get you the information you need to make a good investment decision.