About the Managers

Thomas Braegelmann, CEO of GCA Equity Partners, LLC

Mr. Braegelmann is an entrepreneur and private investor with over 30 years of experience in real estate investment, private lending, and angel investing for small businesses. He is a native of Central Minnesota, where he was owner and COO of a private real estate investment company with a portfolio of several hundred multi-family apartment units; residential and commercial building lots; commercial, office, and retail complexes; and single family homes, prior to moving to Silicon Valley in 2011.

Mr. Braegelmann’s passion is helping others structure short-term investments secured by real estate. He is currently a mentor and co-investor for a portfolio of over 50 Bay Area individuals through his company, Global Capital Assets, Inc. GCA is a private investment company committed to partnering international investors in building sustainable, mutually beneficial businesses, projects and infrastructure that add value to their communities – both locally and globally. Global Capital Assets provides a full range of advisory services, working with each client to customize a financing or collaborative strategy that best suits their needs and vision, and matching carefully screened borrowers with lenders to create sound, win-win deals.

Charles Tralka, Vice President, Investor Relations for GCA Equity Partners, LLC

Mr. Tralka is a former high-technology executive, having served in a variety of engineering and marketing management roles during his 23-year career in that industry. While working in high-tech, he began investing in various real estate projects and over the last nineteen years has bought, held and sold multiple investment properties. During the last few years he began investigating and investing heavily in real estate investment funds focused on the financial aspects of the business in order to continue to grow his own retirement portfolio. He has a passion for helping investors achieve their financial goals through careful selection of the right investments and in particular for helping people optimize returns for their own retirement accounts.

Mr. Tralka is a graduate of the University of California, Davis and holds a degree in electrical engineering from that institution. During his high-tech career he served in various roles at Altera Corporation, Aptix, Inc., QuickLogic Corporation and Xilinx, Inc.